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Welcome to PeoplesBank Rewards!

In today’s world, every dollar counts.  That’s why we’re pleased to welcome you to PeoplesBank Rewards, an exciting service available to PeoplesBank Check Card users! Here you’ll find deals, discounts, and coupons for shopping online with national brands or in-store with your favorite local merchants in South Central PA and Northern Maryland.  It’s free, it’s simple, and it’s our way to help you get more for your money when you use your PeoplesBank Check Card.  So start saving today and enjoy the rewards of banking with PeoplesBank!

About PeoplesBank Rewards

PeoplesBank welcomes you to PeoplesBank Rewards.  

This “savings site,” recognized as a finalist in the "Best of the Web Awards" is brought to you by PeoplesBank.  It provides deals, discounts and coupons at a variety of national and local merchants when clients use their PeoplesBank Visa Check Card.  The offers are grouped by life stage and lifestyle categories, i.e. having a baby, raising a family, college students, empty nest, etc.

Q:   Is there a cost for this program?
A:   No.  It's free to PeoplesBank Visa Check Card holders.

Q:   Do I have to “login,” create a password or open some new “online account” to use these offers?
A:   No.  None of the above.  No login, password or new account needed.  We wanted to keep this easy for our clients.  Just go to and start shopping with the online merchants (use the promo codes if one is provided) and printing out the coupons for in-store discounts at the point of sale with local merchants.

Q:   Can I give a coupon to a family member or friends?
A:   Yes.   However, these offers and coupons are made available to users of the PeoplesBank Visa Check Card.  If your friends or family do not have a PeoplesBank Visa Check Card, ask them to stop by PeoplesBank and open an account.  We’d love to welcome them to the program too, so they can take advantage of the national shopping discounts and local deals when using their PeoplesBank Visa Check Card.

Q:   The name says, “rewards.”  Do I get points or cash-back for using my card?
A:   No.  The “rewards” in this program are simply the deals, discounts and coupons from national and local merchants.  It’s an easy-to-use savings site that is meant to help you save money as you reach certain milestones throughout your life.  Just print out the coupons from this website or shop online using the links and promo codes provided.

Q:   I tried using a coupon code on the site and it didn’t work/there is a broken link that isn't working.
A:   If you encounter a broken link or coupon code that does not work, please notify us below.

Q:   I own a local business.  How do I add my coupon to this program?
A:   We’d love to add your business to our local offers section. Click below and our third party partner managing this program will be in contact with you.

Q:   How do I recommend a merchant for this program?
A:   On the site, you’ll see a “Recommend a Merchant” link at the bottom of the page or click below!


Feel free to watch our 30 second video for an overview about the program...


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